Comments on “Food For Capitalist Thought”

I must say, I do believe it is in society’s best interest if everyone is guaranteed an education in whatever field they show an aptitude for. If my neighbor was born with a knack for chemistry, then he should be given the tools to go into that field, professionally, so that he can provide quality services to the public. The real problem I see is in determining what everyone’s aptitudes are in order to provide the right education to the right people. After all, if that same chemistry genius neighbor of mine is pushed into architecture, a field that he is not naturally gifted, then it really does no one any good.

This is where I think capitalism has been able to provide a solution through the student loan system. If you are personally confident that you are good at something, you can bet on yourself by taking out a student loan for college in that field. If you bet wisely, you will come out of school with a job that pays well enough for you to pay that loan back. If, however, you bet poorly, you end up saddled with an astronomical loan and no way to pay it back. Now, if we could just keep people from making the mistake of taking out a huge loan to get a degree in a field that they will end up not performing well in or will just not be happy with for long enough to stick it out and make the money back.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not think this is a perfect system, but I understand how it came into being. Maybe it would work better if there were an agency dedicated to finding gifted individuals and setting them up with grants to get the right education. We already have this going on to some degree, as there are tons of scholarships floating around, but we could probably use more of it.

I totally agree that we should be making more efforts to get the right education to the right people, as long as we do not end up with a system that blindly guarantees a tax payer funded education in any field to any person. I have heard horror stories about Brazil, where they offer unlimited higher education to everyone at free universities. There is apparently a sizable percent of the population that is just perpetually in school and never bothers to use that education in a career. When society pays for your school, if you cannot repay society by using it in a job, then you are taking advantage of your neighbors and friends who funded your education.

The Politics of Writing

Despite where your politics may lie, on the left or the right, the same goal is generally in both forms. Both sides want to provide the highest standards of living and the opportunity for the happiest life achievable within the system. The difference is how the different sides of the spectrum approach this task.

In modern society one of the many debated issues is the role of education in the political system and whether it is a fundamental right or a achievement to be worked towards. It’s a no brainer that in capitalist society a college education is used to as a competitive edge in the job market for the field they chose to study; even though education can provide a fulfilling and happy life, today it is primarily used to get a decent job. One struggle with this reality is the issue of the lower class students being unable…

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