Voter ID Laws: What’s the Point?

I often hear complaints about laws that require photo ID to vote. Typically, these derisions state that the laws are not intended to solve any problems, other than to keep poor people from voting, despite the fact that these laws typically have provisions in them that allow individuals to obtain voter identification free of charge. Lawfully, not every person is allowed to vote, so what I do not understand is why we would not take measures to enforce that law.

Now, what is it that I am so afraid of happening if we do not put any controls in place for voting? Is it really that I just want to keep inner city riffraff away from the polls? No, I am actually concerned about the end of American civilization at the hands of a foreign power.

Imagine if China decided to take over an American city. They could send in the troops, but that would get bloody, as we would see it coming and counter their attacks. China could just try to outright buy the politicians, but how could they guarantee that someone under their influence gets elected? If China could come up with enough people willing to vote favorably for their candidate and transport them to the voting polls, what could possibly stop these people from voting in the election, despite the fact that they do not live in that city? These could either be people already living across America that descend on one particular city on election day to become an overwhelming voter block, or these could be people who pour over our open borders.

We already know that China has extensive records on Americans that they have obtained from various cyber hacks in the last couple of years. They could simply give each of their imposter voters the name of a valid voter, so that he can impersonate that identity and cast a ballot. Once the election is ratified, it becomes law. We use a secret ballot in this country, so there would be no way to differentiate the legal votes from the illegal ones after the event, and without any kind of photo identification required to vote, what kind of argument can an election judge make that the voter is not who he proposes to be?

This does not even have to be China. What if a Mexican drug cartel just wanted to propose a law in a local American election that would turn a border town into a “sanctuary city”, so that it would be easier to smuggle narcotics into this country? They could come over, cast their ballots, and then head back South before lunch.

Heck, let us totally ignore the foreign concern for a minute. What if a very wealthy American corporation wanted to give itself a competitive advantage by changing the tax laws in a city election? It might be hard to convince the citizens of that city to vote in their favor, as they would have to live with the decision, but if they could just convince enough people who do not live in the city to show up on Election Day and help them out, what does it hurt them? This corporation might have enough employees or loyal customers that they could completely sway the vote in their favor. None of this is legal, but without any kind of verification that the people casting ballots are who they say they are, what measure is in place to stop this from happening?

I am really not that concerned with Americans voting in their own elections. One of these days our lackadaisical immigration policies and unwillingness to enforce our own voting laws is going to open us up to a complete takeover by a foreign power with the money and will to take control of our government, and we will never see it coming.

By law, you are required to carry photo ID to fly on an airplane, drive on a public road, or simply buy beer. It is really not asking much to treat voting the same. Every illegal vote cast disenfranchises a valid voter by negating their legal decision.

It takes a lot of time and effort to research candidates before an election to the point that you can make an informed decision, instead of simply picking the most visually appealing candidate or taking the one with the most memorable zingers. If a legal voter is so disorganized that he cannot dig up his birth certificate and spend a few minutes down at the DMV to pick up a free voter ID card once in his life, then I would be truly afraid to live with that person’s ballot choices, anyway.


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